VFIS America’s Leading Insurer of Emergency Organizations


VFIS has selected Athena Insurance and Financial Services to market, produce and services Fire Departments.  We are very proud to offer you such fine insurance services. Please feel free to view our site, complete and application or call for assistance. Once you have clicked on the links below you will be directed away from our site USFDins.com to VFIS.com.  Feel free to call upon our agency locally for an application for to have an agent assigned to service your needs. Phone (209) 223-1870. Ask for Steve Valencia.

VFIS Insurance Products


For more information contact Steve Valencia at 209 223-1870. Note: If you have VFIS through an Agent or Broker other than Athena Insurance and Financial Services please contact VFIS or your Broker/Agent directly.

Claims reporting

email: claims@glatfelters.com or fax to 717 747-7051 or call 800 233-1957.

Kind regards,