In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions.  Please note, we like to get to know our insureds, prospects and subscribers. Please feel free to call the following numbers Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.  To arrange for one of our agents to visit your location please feel free to schedule and appointment. We can also do a screen sharing session with up to 50 locations at one time. We use the online meeting service of Join.Me.

  • Insurance Questions: (209) 223-1870
  • Directory Assistance: (866) 397-6939


  1. What do I need to get a quote? The short answer is a completed application. Applications for Fire Department and Emergency Services Organizations can be found by clicking here.
  2. How long does it take to get a quote? It depends on the type of insurance package or types of insurance you are applying for. The time periods will vary and once we have a completed application we can give you an estimate.
  3. Can I speak with an Agent or have an Agent assigned to me? If you apply for insurance and submit your applications using the Agency of Athena Insurance and Financial Services the answer is “yes you can!’ As a prospect or client of VSIS Insurance you can request to go to any agent they authorize. You do not have to go through Athena Insurance but we hope that you will.
  4. If we use an Agent/Agency “other” than Athena Insurance and Financial Services can we still claim our Business listing? The answer is “yes.”  You can claim your business listing just as you would if you were our client.
  5. How reputable is VFIS? VFIS click hereVFIS is the largest provider of insurance, education, training and consulting services to the emergency service organizations in the United States. To learn more about .
  6. In what States do we offer VFIS Insurance Products? click hereFor an up to date list of States in which we are licensed please .  Our authority to place business with VFIS may vary from State to State. Please contact us for your specific State and we will be delighted to let you know.  More importantly, VFIS provides there insurance program on a National Basis.
  7. Who is Athena Insurance and Financial Services? Athena Insurance and Financial Services was founded in 1996 by now owner and broker Steve Valencia.  Steve has worked for The Prudential and New York life before entering in to the Independent Insurance Agency business in 1996.  Today Steve accesses more than 150 insurance carriers to meet the needs of his valued clients. We take pride in our reputation and service. We provide such companies as VFIS, The Travelers, The Hartford, Kemper, Safeco, Civil Service Employees, AmTrust, Lloyds, National General and over a hundred more fine insurance companies.


  1. Do we have to purchase insurance to claim our directory listing? No. You do not have to purchase insurance with us to claim your business listing
  2. Can we post events if we do not subscribe to the business listings? Yes. You can still post events and do not need to purchase insurance or a listing. Event posting is free. We want to help you with your charity events and fund raisers.
  3. Is there an advantage to subscribing to the business directory? We feel there is an advantage in the sense that you are among a directory of over 27,000 fire departments, fire associations, fire chiefs and fire marshalls.   Among brothers! Also, from a “feature” stand point you can “connect” your event posting to your business listing. Thus adding as many events as you want. And there is more… see EVENT RELATED QUESTIONS BELOW.
  4. Do we have to pay to modify our Directory listing? “No!” Your access to the directory is available to you 24/7.  You do need to assign only “one” dedicated person to your business listing or be able to control the security information when registering.  Meaning that you should keep the (a.) User name and (b.) password secure and allow only those with permission and authority access to your account.
  5. What happens if the person we assign to take care of the directory is gone for whatever reason? Good question.  It is your responsibility to keep track of the user name. If for some reason the person is no longer able to perform the duties of modifying your listing we can always perform a security check and allow you to change the password. If all else fails please contact us directly at 866 397-6939. We will handle special circumstances manually. We will require the authorized department to provide us with written authorization, the “new” designated person will need to re-register and then call us directly. There may be a small fee to manually move the content from the old listing to the new listing.
  6. What if we need to train a person to use the directory? We can arrange to do a screen sharing session with them after you register and subscribe. Please do a search for your business listing. If your department is already listed here are the steps to take: 1. Register, 2. Login, 3. Perform a search to find your listing, 4. If your listing is there… look to the right and click on claim listing. (if your listing is not there find the Add listing in the main navigation menu and start adding the information) It’s really very simple and we can assist you if you are in need of help.
  7. If we subscribe to a listing and then want to cancel are we entitle to a refund? Sometimes.  If you are on a month to month basis the answer is not.  If you pay for an annual subscription and then want to cancel the discounts applied to the annual price will be removed and revert to a month to month price. The balance will be refunded.  We will round up to the latest month to use the fee paid for the entire month if a partial month. (see example below)
  8. Why would we want to subscribe to your business directory?  This is the most important question when we know Departments everywhere are trying to save money and raise money. So, here we go. The following statements are generalizations and not meant to be “the contract” for replacing the privacy or terms of use when using this site. (subject to change without notice)
    • Feature 1: The “template” or the Custom Post Types such as Fire Departments has been custom designed to allow for the Fire Departments to include the following in their listings. This customization is very much NOT like other directory listings as we feel our customization far more utility value to the department and to the public.
    • Feature 2: The Title or Name of the Fire Departments can be made very specific and changed at any time by an authorized representative.
    • Feature 3: The customization provides a unique field for listing the Fire Departments “assigned” identification number (this may later be used when doing an advanced search)
    • Feature 4: The Description of the fire department “text area” when editing the listing has an editor that is not found in most online directories. With our text editor you have some of the features kind of like a word program but not as robust.
      1. You can select different size heading fonts
      2. You can make certain text Bold
      3. You can make some text appear to be cursive
      4. You can utilize indenting as you see on these items
      5. You can use quotes like the one below
      6. You can add as many hyper links as you wish
      7. You can stikethrough
      8. You can put lines to separate as I have on this page
      9. You can change the color of your text / font
      10. There are special characters ♠ĒØ
    • Feature 5: Keyword and tags can be used to further make your Directory easier to find. For example the Amador Fire Protection District may be the legal name but the common name may be something like “West Point Fire Department” Thus you can use the legal name in the tile and the common name in the tags and keyword area. Nice!  “)
    • Feature 6: If you have a Facebook page you can link your listing to FB. Check out our USFDins.com by clicking here
    • Feature 7: When you post an event you can connect it to your listing. For example, pretend you had 20 events in the community planned out for the next 12 months. You could post them all and connect all of them to your directory listing.
    • Feature 8: You may select more than one Category.  For example; Fire Department and another category Search and Rescue (you may also contact us to add more categories for your to select from for free!
    • Feature 9: ISO Fire Ratings Area – You can input your ISO Fire Protection Classes and refer people to the listing saving your staff time. And we know what that means. For the Rural Fire Departments in Wildfire Zones this could be a real money saver.  Does anyone remember answering the phone for Jone Doe public asking “What is your fire department rated” I would suggest something like 1. If withing 1000′ of a fire hydrant and within 5 road miles.. we area PC
    • Feature 10: Along the same vein as feature 9;  Is your department Paid or Volunteer and what kind of equipment do you have? I am certain your get this call from the pubic, the insurance agents, the insurance companies and the insurance inspectors.  How much does it cost you in people hours to field these calls?   “)
    • Feature 11: Contact information, phone, fax and email,
    • Feature 12: Website Url link area
    • Feature 13: Another static event text area
    • Feature 14: Social Media Sharing… areas for your pages to FaceBook and Twitter
    • Feature 15: Minutes and Meeting Text area with editor – Post links to your .pdf documents or post your minutes.
    • Feature 16: Special Offers – This area could be used to provide the community with special services provided by your department

USFDins.com uses a U.S.A data center that has near 100% up time. Back ups are performed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

“This is a quote… Make the wise choice and have peace of mind”


Month-to-month refund example: If the monthly subscription to the directory is $6.99/mo and you chose to go month to month and decide to cancel mid way through the fourth.  The full four months will be deemed fully earned.

Paid Yearly refund example:  If you are discount 20% off of the month-to-month rate for paying annually and decide to cancel in the fourth month we will charge you the same price as if you were paying month-to-month to begin with as in the example above. The balance would be refunded to you within a 30 day period.



  1. How much does it cost to post and event? Nothing…it’s free. Standard Event Posts are free.  If you want a “featured” event it will cost you $24.99 per month. No refunds.
  2. Can we upload a video with our event? Yes
  3. Can we include images with our event? Yes
  4. Can we modify the content of the event at any time? Yes, it is totally on and up to you on how you post the event
  5. Can we promote your site on television, radio or in print? You may share our site’s web address, your listing and any event your heart desires (see terms of use on prohibited items)
  6. Can we sell tickets on your event program? No. You can provide details and a link to where tickets can be purchased.  Also, consider checking out WhatsHappeningToday.com and WhatsHappeningTonight.com sites. They will be offering Community Ticket services late 2017. You can also post your events there for free.

Related links: Community Fund Raising, Terms of Use and Privacy.


Huge almost full size page add in the community of your selection. This generally pertains to a several counties areas. Our Super Size Ads use the Geotarget tables otherwise referred to as DMA Zones and thus the ad can be displayed in geographic locations.  (see google api for table)A larger geographic area can be purchase such as an entire State or multiple States. Call for pricing. A Global ad can be taken out with many restrictions.

Prices are billed on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Ad sizes dimensions are approximately 1800px width by 600px high.  You are responsible for the quality of the ad and content. Consider hiring a professional graphic artist to prepare your ad.

We can hyperlink your ad to any destination you require. Examples may be your business listing, web site (if you have one), your event post or another url.

Feel free to call for an illustration on what a Super Sized Ad would look like on this site.  866 397-6939


The WHTme.com  sites of WhatsHappeningToday.com and WhatsHappeningTonight.com are going to be super hot. By the late fall of 2017 you will be able to post your events on their sites for free. No purchase necessary.

The Banner Ads will cost. Check with the respective sites for advertising prices.


Kind regards,

S Valencia