Community Fund Raising

Community Fund Raising

Community Fund Raising? We are here to help! Here is how… Simply register for free and then start posting your community events. On this site all events will display for anyone anywhere having a Firefighter fund raising event.

Now, if you have claimed your fire department, fire Marshall or Fire Association listing and post and event you can connect the events to your listing. Then, when others view your listing they can see your events connected with your listing! Wow! Now that is hot!  “no pun intended”   “)

And, if you have a Facebook Page for your Fire Department, Fire Marshall, Fire Chief or Fire Association listing your post of an event to this site may post to Facebook automatically.  Here is how that works. When you post an event, for free, copy and paste your Facebook page URL (the address that displays in the address bar above your page) and then when you complete the posting of your event it will automatically post to Facebook for you.

Next, there is more. Have you heard of or and They are sure to become the hottest new events sites bar none! You can register on their sites also for free and post event there also.

Need to super size your events? You can! There are two ways to do so.  One way is to pay for a “featured” event listing. The cost is minimal and it puts your event closer to the front of the event listings in front of non-featured events.

Finally, Super Duper Size it! You will have the option to have displayed a huge ad, for a price, on the homepage of this site in a Community of your choice. More to come as this site progresses.