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We are the Independent Insurance Brokerage of Athena Insurance and Financial Services founded in 1996.

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This is designed for the Firefighters, Ambulance, Fire Department and support personnel.  Your opinions matter and I would like to hear from you with any comments or suggestions, including criticisms that you may have.

Friends of the Firefighters & EMTs

Friends of the Firefighters & EMTs. To all non-emergency responders  You are welcome to subscribe and make friends with the emts.  You are welcome to post you reviews and likes as well.

This site will offer you the opportunity to have your compliments viewed by people around the Globe.

We will be working on this site to also automatically sync with our page on Facebook too.

Firefighter Insurance

To all EMT’s. There is nothing lacking in what we can do for you in all needs of Insurance.  Athena Insurance has been in operation since 1996 and we are here to serve you insurance needs and help you to received the rewards that you deserve.

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